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  • Muse of Bvlgari

      By Monica G. Saez   Absolutely refreshing to stroll through the halls of the exhibition “Bvlgari and Rome” which I attended at the Thyssen and Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. Through a good example of art photography in Rome, the architecture of its buildings, the design of the cobblestones of some of its streets, squares, […]

  • Fake Rough Diamonds

    This article appeared in GCI labs livejournal

    Fake Rough Diamonds

    Last week GCI Gemological Centers received from the Goverment Diamond Control, a parcel of 346.07 carat of crystals, imported as natural rough diamonds from Tanzania.
    The importer was sure that he got genuine diamonds. The crystals in the parcel had a shape similar to natural rough diamonds, and some of them showed noticeable surface lines, “positive triangles”, frosted surfaces, internal inclusions and fractures. Specific Gravity was close to that of natural diamond . After testing and inpection of the goods at GCI laboratory, all the parcel was indetified as  topaz crystals – not even one single diamond !!! , The surface lines were engraved intentionally on the crystals.
    Here you can find some pictures of different shapes rough crystals, taken while inspected at GCI.
  • M2


    I would like to share with all of you the following information you may find interesting and useful.

    Last May I attended “The 2nd Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference” that was celebrated in Valencia, Spain. The 1rst of a new series of conferences took place in Athens in June 2015. These conferences are organized by Independent Gemmological Lab and CGL-GRS Swiss-Canadian Gemlab and the attendees both speakers and participants are from 15 countries worldwide.

  • Saph1

    Beautiful Sapphires

    SAPPHIRE     Sapphires belong to the Corundum family. They are best known as blue, however in fact occur in just about every colour possible, including a deep pink. Its chemical composition is aluminium oxide, and crystal structure: trigonal, forming bi-pyramids. Hardness: 9 (so it is quite hard). Refraction I.: 1.762-1.770. Blue sapphires are found […]

  • BlueMoon

    The Rare 12-Carat Blue Moon Diamond

    Once in a Blue Moon – Israel was an exciting station
    in the journey of an amazing blue diamond

    Ramat Gan, Israel – December 3, 2015: When a year and half ago, on occasion of the inaugural Rough Diamond Week in Israel, a 29.6-carat rough blue diamond went on display in the trading hall of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), the excitement of having such a special stone showcased was palpable. The stone, which earlier had been bought by Ehud Laniado’s company Core International from diamond miner Petra Diamonds for some $26 million, was of an exceptionally rare vivid blue color.


    11 NOVEMBER 2015  |  Geneva   |  PRINT  |  PDF For Immediate Release RELEASE: CHRISTIE’S SWITZERLAND NOVEMBER AUCTIONS PRESS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | 10 November 2015         CHRISTIE’S SWITZERLAND NOVEMBER AUCTIONS   THE PINK SELLS FOR $28.5 million Highest price for any vivid pink diamond at auction     SALE WEEK ACHIEVES A COMBINED TOTAL OF SFr.127,338,853 million […]