Why Join

IJN is a meeting point for all professional members of the Jewellery industry in Ireland.

It is not exclusive to any one sector,

Every jeweller can post to our forum, or post in items for inclusion in our news pages .

We hope to run polls and surveys from time to time and will publish the results so our members can be informed as to the thinking of their fellow jewellers.

We will be approaching companys on your behalf for discounted rates for our members.

We know that working together as a whole we can get discounted rates for items like

Insurance, Legal fees, Travel, Exhibitions, Security, Banking, Copywriting  Etc..

As we propogate our site and membership grows we will post the discounts available.

We have a private “member only” and public forum on our site where you can post questions and find answers to some of the more challenging questions.

And we hope you will participate in answering questions in turn for your fellow Jewellers and the public guests to our site.

IJN looks forward to hearing and publishing your views on the jewellery industry in Ireland, and how we can improve it.

Our promise to you is to stay impartial and pass on all information we can to assist you in the day to day running of your business.

As we develop we hope to improve all information on our site and produce a monthly newsletter highlighting current activity within the industry.

Membership is free to all Professional jewellers working in Ireland ( So join now )

Classified ads will be free for a short time to come but we do intend to charge a small fee per month in the near future.

Limited Banner advertising promotions are underway at the moment,  please contact Elaine ( 00353 85 1555858 ) to secure a space and time.

Meet the Jeweller video can be booked through Micha at www.tubemyshop.com. or Aaron at  King of Aces Productions‘ and may be embedded free of charge on IJN web page.

Additional promotional information may be charged for please contact Denis or Elaine.