It was a pleasure to meet Mr Ken Dixon a true gentleman and veteran of the jewellery trade.

Established in 1971 Ken and Bernadette Dixon ran and operated their business Dixon & Dixon for over 40 years selling “All Celtic Jewellery” situated on O’Connell street, Dublin.

Ken spoke passionately about his years in the jewellery business and how they were good times and the changes he has seen throughout the years.

Our customers were looked after and they came back and stayed loyal.

Today it’s very different with all this new technology and pace of change, the time is now right for me to retire.

Ken remembers the start of the downturn in 2000 when the banks refused to support small company’s with overdrafts and loans, which made it difficult to trade. Those were difficult years as people just didn’t have that extra cash to spend on luxury items like jewellery.

I have seen many changes, one 0f which I was very sad about was the closure of the ” School of Horology.”  Now anyone wishing to study in this field will have to travel to England.

I asked Ken had he any advice for young people starting out in the Jewellery Business. He replied;
” Follow your dreams, Don’t give up,  love what you do and work hard”.

The Jewellery business served me well and I enjoyed all my working years with my wife Bernadette.

Ken wished to thank all his loyal customers and fellow associates throughout the years for their support.

He is looking forward to spend more time with his wife Bernadette and maybe play a little golf.


We at IJN wish ken and Bernadette all the best for the future.

May they share a long and happy retirement from next year.